Christmas Fizz-tivities: Wine and Bubbles under £10

If any of you have read the disclaimer on my Drink page, you’ll know that I don’t claim to know anything about wine. That being said, we drink a fair bit of the stuff and I’m always eager for wine recommendations that I can easily find (i.e. wines carried in the major supermarkets as we don’t have a Majestic or Oddbins anywhere nearby – and don’t even talk to me about BevMo, the nearest one is approximately 5,000 miles door to door). This doesn’t mean I’m after mass-produced £3 bottles of plonk, there are surprisingly good wines available in the likes of Sainsbury’s, Asda, Lidl and Aldi and those are what this post is all about.

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V. Sattui Family Red 2010


V. Sattui Winery is my grandma’s favorite place on earth. Every time I come home we make a pilgrimage up to Napa to bask in the glorious food and wine Sattui has to offer. I’ve tried to convince her there are other wineries and great restaurants to be explored, but she’s quite content to get a bottle from Sattui’s cellar, pick up some cheese, pâté and bread from their deli and head out to the shaded courtyard to enjoy them. Consequently, my suitcase is always laden with Sattui bottles tenderly wrapped in bubble wrap and Ziploc bags, socks, t-shirts, you name it. Anything to keep the precious jewels safe on the journey.

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Wine Tasting Notes

A fellow food blogger, The Winegetter, posted a link to this really useful tasting sheet and I thought it would be a good thing to use in future to write up my wine notes and I’ve put it here for anyone else who may find it helpful. It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what you want to say about wine, so hopefully it’ll prove a useful guide!