Supper Club

The last few years have seen innumerable pop up and underground restaurants emerge as the new, hip way to eat out. But among the pop ups and underground restaurants run by famous and talented chefs, there has been another phenomenon rising up in homes around the country: supper clubs.

A supper club is a social occasion centered around food and, for the host, it’s a blatant excuse to have dinner parties and meet people who share a passion for all things edible. Rather than being run by Michelin-starred chefs with 20 years’ experience and a list of accolades longer than their arm, supper clubs are run by normal people who just love cooking for others. And I’m just such a person.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first: I’m not a chef. I have no culinary training or professional experience beyond the couple days of work experience I’ve done in local restaurants just for the fun of it. What I do have is a love of food that has been a part of my life since childhood and a real desire to share that love with like-minded people.


There are no upcoming supper club dates. If you are interested in collaborating with A Crust Eaten or would like to discuss the opportunity for supper clubs or pop up events, please get in touch at

Seating and Groups

The seating arrangement will be banquet style and hopefully it’ll mean that you will make lots of new friends on the night. I will seat groups of people together as best I can, but it is likely that you will be sat next to someone you don’t know. How fun is that!


The tickets will be priced for each event, but will be between £20-£30 per person, and are available from me directly by cash or bank transfer. To purchase tickets, please get in touch on must be purchased in advance. Once the tickets have been purchased you will receive an email confirmation from me which will include any further information you might need.


The alcohol policy for each supper club will be dependent on the location.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions, please get in touch on as soon as possible and I will do what I can. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event I will not be able to offer alternative dishes on the night.


Should you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible by emailing Unfortunately due to the advanced ordering and preparation required for these events, no refunds will be given. With enough notice we may be able to fill your seat in which case a refund can be negotiated.