Meatless Monday: Butternut Squash Ravioli with Morels and Tomatoes


This Meatless Monday post was actually made by my aunt, but it was super tasty so I got permission to put it on the blog. My aunt and uncle are mushroom hunters extraordinaire and – lucky for us! – that means we get to delight in the fungus-y spoils of their mushroom hunting trips. This pasta dish starred the morel mushroom which is a blackish brown mushroom shaped like a pine cone. It is an especially meaty mushroom with a really earthy flavor.

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Bachelor’s Bites: Smoky bacon, pea and spring onion ‘pot noodle’


While Pami, my wife and the brains behind this blog, is in California it has been left to me to fend for myself in the kitchen. This calls for quick, simple meals-for-one that can be made after work and won’t send me heading for the takeout menus.

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