Leftover Roast Chicken Curry

2014-10-22 18.39.02-1

I know there haven’t been many recipe posts in the last few months, but I promise the time hasn’t been misspent! I’ve recently started a supper club in Folkestone which is super exciting for me and has taken up quite a bit of time. But I will definitely try to share recipes more frequently because, at the end of the day, that’s what this blog is all about!

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Meatless Monday: Curried Vegetable Soup

20130623-094745.jpgIt’s Monday again; back to work, back on the diet. At least there’s Meatless Monday recipes to look forward to! This one is a soup. I’m beginning to realize that when we are dieting, we eat a lot of soup; and since we’re pretty much always dieting, we are pretty much always eating soup. Strange.

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Thai Laksa with Fish


Before any of you get any misconceptions, let me just make this clear: I am not obsessed with Jamie Oliver. However, while he may make too many dirty dishes, he does have some good ideas when it comes to quick food. I have both the 30 Minute Meals and 15 Minute Meals cookbooks and they are fantastic – even though they always take longer than they claim. Of all the recipes I have tried from each, I have only had one failure – although that was pretty much inedible so take from that what you will.

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