Meatless Monday: Cauliflower Cheese Soup returns as autumn arrives

2013-10-16 19.20.53

A return to one of A Crust Eaten’s earliest recipes and a guest post from the rumbling belly at the other end of all this: my husband.

There are benefits to getting older − something you have either discovered or which lies around the corner as a pleasant reward for advancing years. Among those I cherish most are the gaining of the confidence to simply leave a party you’re not enjoying because life’s too short, and the acceptance that not knowing what’s number one in the charts is probably a blessing in disguise rather than cause for anguish at being three or four time zones adrift of the zeitgeist.
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Chopped Challenge: Ground Turkey, Blue Cheese, Rhubarb and Corn Flakes

2013-05-31 22.41.19

While I was in California, I was watching “Chopped” on Food Network − I’m watching it now too, so I guess the whole California part is irrelevant − which is a cooking competition where each contestant gets a basket with four secret ingredients and they have to make a dish using all the ingredients and ingredients from the communal pantry and fridge. Before you starting thinking, “Gosh, that sounds really easy”, it’s not. The ingredients are not things you would normally put together. Maybe in the beginning the producers weren’t quite pushing the boat out − one episode in the first season had duck breast, green onions, ginger, and honey as main course ingredients. Sorry, but who couldn’t make that work? − but here we are in season 16 and things are a bit more difficult. What would you do with freeze dried roast beef, torshi, rainbow chard, and mint yogurt soda (see more previous lists of ingredient here)?

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Parsnip Soup with Blue Cheese Toasts

Break out the violins and get your hankies ready, this is the story of a dinner for one. I found myself on my own the other night and without any dinner. There were no suitable leftovers, actually no leftovers at all because it’s getting to that time of the month where we find ourselves using up frozen treasures and store cupboard staples. So there I was, alone and hungry with very few options beyond a handful of frozen corn and some canned tomatoes. All by myself, don’t wanna be…Ok, that’s going a bit far.

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers


Lately, I’ve just been craving blue cheese. Maybe it’s a sign of my palate ‘maturing’, or maybe my body is craving some mold – obviously I haven’t inhaled enough during the damp English winter. But blue cheese has been on my mind and I’m always in the mood for a burger, so a blue cheese burger seemed the obvious solution. The addition of bacon needs no explanation, it just makes everything better.

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