A Modern Mexican Menu at Kipps’ Alehouse, May 31/June 14, 2015

Taco Time at Velvet Taco

When I first moved to the UK lots of people asked me if there was anything I would miss from California. I gave the obvious answers: family, friends, Californian zinfandel, sunshine. But it never even crossed my mind that there was something bound up in California’s identity that is nearly impossible to find in the UK: Mexican food.


Yes, you can find British versions of Tex-Mex, but where are the sopes, where is the mole, where are the fresh corn tortillas and agua fresca? In Mexico, that’s where. Well, no longer! For one night only Kipps’ Alehouse on The Old High Street in Folkestone will become a cantina and I’ll be serving up my take on a modern Mexican menu.


Hearts of palm and artichoke aguachile negro with tortilla chips

Elote (Grilled corn on the cob with lime and cheese)

Trio of tacos: Adobo pork belly, smoked haddock and black bean

Vegetarian/Vegan option: Pumpkin, smoked mushroom and black bean

Churros with Mexican chocolate dipping sauce

There won’t be any stodge, no gloopy rice, no sad iceberg lettuce pretending to be a salad. This menu showcases the freshness of Mexican food and the proud flavors of early summer in Britain. I’m aiming for everything to be homemade, even down to the corn tortillas and the tortilla chips! I might even smoke the fish myself. I hope that this will leave people thinking: There’s much more to Mexican food than I thought!


Kipps’ Alehouse is a great watering hole at the top of The Old High Street and has a great (ever changing) range of real ale, Belgian beer and a nice wine list as well. They’ve quickly established themselves as one of the go-to drinking spots in Folkestone and have a loyal customer base who are pushing them from strength to strength.

I hope we can make the first supper club in Kipps’ a great success as all the others have been. So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!


The tickets are £25.00 per person and can be purchased by cash or bank transfer. Due to the popularity of this menu, we have added another date on Sunday, June 14th. The May 31st evening is already sold out.

To arrange purchase from me, please contact me (Pami) on acrusteaten@gmail.com. Alternatively, you might be able to purchase tickets from Kipps’ during their normal business hours, but please get in touch with me by email first. Once the tickets have been purchased you will receive an email confirmation from me which will include any further information you might need.


Seating will be banquet style. I will seat groups of people together as best I can, but it is likely that you will be sat next to someone you don’t know. How fun is that!


We are thinking about offering a wine/beer pairing available to purchase for a set price, but this is still up in the air. In any case, there will be a full bar available on the night. Tap water will be provided. You are not permitted to bring in any outside alcohol for this event.


Please let me know when booking whether you are vegetarian or vegan and also please alert me to any allergies/intolerances. Please get in touch on acrusteaten@gmail.com as soon as possible and I will do what I can to accommodate you. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event I will not be able to offer alternative dishes on the night.


Should you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible by emailing acrusteaten@gmail.com. Unfortunately due to the advanced ordering and preparation required for this event, no refunds will be given. With enough notice I may be able to fill your seat in which case a refund can be negotiated.

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