Supper Club, Oct 7: A different way of eating out in Folkestone

supper 001 supper 022

October 7th was my first supper club event in Folkestone and, with an intimate crowd of 9 diners, it was a bit like having a great dinner party, bringing together friends who had never met each other but who each had an interesting story to tell. The wine and conversation flowed incredibly well and I couldn’t have hoped for a better crowd of people to help me christen what I hope will become a Folkestone eating institution.

supper 009

Follies turned out to be the perfect venue, quirky and conversation-provoking and full of interesting odds and ends for diners to browse through between courses. The food also went down well with the group and I was so grateful for everyone’s kind words and encouragement.

supper 007 supper 011

The turnip soup and the lamb belly fritters were among some of the culinary highlights and overall I think people really enjoyed the whole experience: enjoying some food that’s a bit different than your everyday Folkestone fare and meeting some new people to boot.

supper 005 supper 008

supper 005 supper 006

The next event will be November 23rd and I’ll be bringing some of my American traditions to Kent in a three course Thanksgiving feast! Tickets will be on sale October 15th, so grab a few friends and come and join in the fun!

Bon appetit!

Photos courtesy of Sonia McDuff.

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