Recipe Remedies for the Post Holiday Come Down


This is a roundup of recipes I’ve tried – or have been meaning to try – from some of my favorite blogs (and one from my own!). These recipes will be sure to keep your kitchen busy after the holidays, so you can steer clear of the January blues!

For Sunday brunch:

pea-pancakes   2013-07-17 11.19.15

Pea Pancakes with Iberico Ham and Whipped Feta from Canal Cook                   

Maple Bacon and Egg Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo and Pickled Spring Onions from A Crust Eaten

For those cold, dark nights when you need a bit of comfort:

20131227-154426.jpg       20131227-084140.jpg
Cozido de Grão from What’s Cooking

Wonton and Char Sui Noodle Soup from Ang Sarap

For when you can’t afford to go out for dinner, but fancy a bit of posh grub:

img_6434      Untitled

Scallops in Bergamot Sauce from Tortore

Croatian Seafood Stew from The Domestic Man

For when the cupboards are bare:

20131227-110618.jpg      20131227-084430.jpg
Red Pepper and Goat’s Cheese Risotto from Frugal Feeding                                    

Panade of Leeks, Greens and Gruyere from Five and Spice

*All photos courtesy of individual bloggers.

7 thoughts on “Recipe Remedies for the Post Holiday Come Down

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow pami! This is a great roundup! Everything here looks delicious and i discovered a couple of new blogs. Thanks for featuring my cozido. I just made it for a party and it was a hit. I did it it under an hour. All of those fish dishes look amazing. Im going to try a few of these!

  2. Darya says:

    Happy New Year, Pami! Thank you for featuring my Scallops among so many wonderful recipes and blogs. I am in a lazy(-ish) kind of mood these days, but the leek panade looks very appealing and comforting! And your maple bacon egg sandwich too… that is totally my kind of breakfast (hangover or not).

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