Deeson’s British Restaurant, Canterbury, Kent

2013-08-26 14.26.27

When we went to Deeson’s British Restaurant about a year and a half ago, I thought it was a great find. Newly opened and fresh, quaint and comfortable and with a three-course set menu for £15 before 7pm, it seemed pretty perfect.

The food was decent British cooking, nothing pretentious or trying too hard, just proper food. The staff were full of smiles and helpfulness and the wine was excellent. For the price, I don’t think there are many places in Canterbury that could beat it.

2013-08-26 14.26.40

2013-08-26 14.51.14

2013-08-26 14.51.07

2013-08-26 14.51.25

2013-08-26 15.32.35

Bon appetit!

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5 thoughts on “Deeson’s British Restaurant, Canterbury, Kent

    • acrusteaten says:

      Glad to recommend it! Will be going to Salt in Canterbury in a couple weeks which is British food served in small plates and looks excellent. Stay tuned for that review!

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