V. Sattui Family Red 2010


V. Sattui Winery is my grandma’s favorite place on earth. Every time I come home we make a pilgrimage up to Napa to bask in the glorious food and wine Sattui has to offer. I’ve tried to convince her there are other wineries and great restaurants to be explored, but she’s quite content to get a bottle from Sattui’s cellar, pick up some cheese, pâté and bread from their deli and head out to the shaded courtyard to enjoy them. Consequently, my suitcase is always laden with Sattui bottles tenderly wrapped in bubble wrap and Ziploc bags, socks, t-shirts, you name it. Anything to keep the precious jewels safe on the journey.

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Check this out: An Overview of the ISA Wine Pairing Criteria

An Overview of the ISA Wine Pairing Criteria

This is a great resource, courtesy of Stefano of Clicks and Corks via The Winegetter, for narrowing down which elements of your food to focus on in order to choose an appropriate wine match.

I will definitely be using it in future!