Hangover Cure: Bacon and Egg Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo and Pickled Spring Onions

2013-07-17 11.19.15

My husband had a milestone birthday on Tuesday. There was merry making and festivities and, being a forward thinker, I wanted to make sure we had something on hand the next morning to soothe our stomachs and our heads. This sandwich was it.

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Asian Meatball Soup


I think we can safely say that, even in my short life as a blogger, I have established my love for Asian flavors. The strange thing is, I don’t like ginger in any other guise – not in candy, not in drinks, not in cakes or cookies – but put it with some meat and a few vegetables and I’m singing it’s praises.

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Okonomiyaki – The Japanese Pancake of Joy

2013-07-11 19.24.30

As pancake day is imminent, I thought I’d post this delectable discovery I made last weekend. I’m not sure how I stumbled across this mouthful of a Japanese pancake, probably searching for something more interesting to do with cabbage than make soup or add it to a stir fry. This is definitely different and you can add pretty much any vegetables you have laying around, so it’s pretty versatile.

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