Hide and Fox, Saltwood

After the closing of Saltwood on the Green in 2017, I will admit to worrying what the fate of the building would be; it had been so wonderfully renovated, the ornate wooden dresser beautifully restored. Over the three years it was open, the restaurant had been a beacon of brilliance; at once a place of discovery and of comfort — and all within 15 minutes from our house. I was devastated when it closed, but after a couple years gathering dust, new life has been breathed into Saltwood’s old general store. Enter Hide and Fox.

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Kos in Pictures

2014-04-25 13.51.28

We recently spent a week on the Greek island of Kos. This was the view from our balcony and it sums up the vibe of the island quite well. This was not a gastronomic tour, not even close. It was a bit of the unknown for me, as someone who had never been on a beach holiday, and even though the trip would have been a million times better hopping from one fabulous restaurant to the next, the rustic cuisine of the tavernas offered us a different, more relaxed dining experience which can sometimes be hard to find. Our one standout meal will come in a later post, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures.

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