A Modern Mexican Menu at Kipps’ Alehouse, May 31/June 14, 2015

Taco Time at Velvet Taco

When I first moved to the UK lots of people asked me if there was anything I would miss from California. I gave the obvious answers: family, friends, Californian zinfandel, sunshine. But it never even crossed my mind that there was something bound up in California’s identity that is nearly impossible to find in the UK: Mexican food.

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Kipps’ Alehouse: Cask Ales and Fine Wines on The Old High Street


Photo courtesy of Kipps’ Alehouse

The beautiful corner building at the top of Folkestone’s Old High Street has worn many hats. It’s gone from a British restaurant to a tapas bar to a jazz bar and Louisiana-style restaurant. But now Kipps’ Alehouse has moved in and things are looking up.

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