Kyoto Sushi and Grill, Ramsgate

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As with most of the seaside towns along the Kent coast, Ramsgate has been heralded as ‘up and coming’, the next big deal, the place where it’s all happening. On a drizzly, dark October night, I can’t say this is the impression I got. However, once we sat down at our table at Kyoto Sushi and Grill and started reading through the extensive menu, I began to think that maybe there was something about this town that was slightly ahead of the Kentish curve.

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Meatless Monday: Vegetable Tempura with Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce

2014-04-11 20.34.05

Light and fresh, crispy and vibrant, vegetable tempura is the perfect supper for a week night or a special weekend treat accompanied by spring onion pancakes (I use this recipe) or teriyaki tofu. The key to crispy, light tempura batter is ice cold sparkling water and mixing the batter at the very last moment before frying.

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Okonomiyaki – The Japanese Pancake of Joy

2013-07-11 19.24.30

As pancake day is imminent, I thought I’d post this delectable discovery I made last weekend. I’m not sure how I stumbled across this mouthful of a Japanese pancake, probably searching for something more interesting to do with cabbage than make soup or add it to a stir fry. This is definitely different and you can add pretty much any vegetables you have laying around, so it’s pretty versatile.

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