Scallops in Lille


Yesterday was a glorious sunny winter’s day, perfect for a stroll around the Christmas market in Lille. I was never sure about the English fascination with foreign Christmas markets, it seemed like a hangover from the days when things like wine and cheese were actually cheaper across the Channel. Nonetheless, I rose bright and early yesterday morning, hopped on a bus and a few hours later we were in Lille.
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Tuna Niçoise Couscous Salad

Work week lunches, they’re always a quandary. You need something filling, but not heavy; something flavorful, but that won’t bomb out the office; something healthy, but that won’t find you trolling the office for cake or cookies come three o’clock; and, of course, something transportable. The other problem is that you need to have enough good recipes to make up an acceptable rotation because, as my husband wisely said while I was preparing this salad, “Variety is the spice of life.”

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