Kipps’ Alehouse: Cask Ales and Fine Wines on The Old High Street


Photo courtesy of Kipps’ Alehouse

The beautiful corner building at the top of Folkestone’s Old High Street has worn many hats. It’s gone from a British restaurant to a tapas bar to a jazz bar and Louisiana-style restaurant. But now Kipps’ Alehouse has moved in and things are looking up.

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Manifest Coffee: A new cafe culture blossoms in Folkestone


Last Friday Folkestone’s Old High Street welcomed a new kid to the block. Manifest Coffee is very unassuming, very understated; it’s also very small. But the close quarters give warmth to the minimalist furniture and raw wood finishes and it provides the perfect atmosphere to sit and contemplate what you’re consuming.

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Folkestone Fish Fest Menu at Googies


June 22 and 23 was supposed to be the much looked forward to Folkestone Fish Festival. I know my husband and I especially were looking forward to the activities and camaraderie the festival was bringing to the Creative Quarter and to Folkestone as a whole. Everyone was banding together to create a memorable and impressive event that would showcase Folkestone and all it has to offer. Then came the wind and the rain. Once again, plans are foiled by the British summer, but we pressed on and enjoyed an afternoon strolling the Old High Street and looking forward to our fish dinner at Googies later that evening.

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