Chopped Challenge: Ground Turkey, Blue Cheese, Rhubarb and Corn Flakes

2013-05-31 22.41.19

While I was in California, I was watching “Chopped” on Food Network − I’m watching it now too, so I guess the whole California part is irrelevant − which is a cooking competition where each contestant gets a basket with four secret ingredients and they have to make a dish using all the ingredients and ingredients from the communal pantry and fridge. Before you starting thinking, “Gosh, that sounds really easy”, it’s not. The ingredients are not things you would normally put together. Maybe in the beginning the producers weren’t quite pushing the boat out − one episode in the first season had duck breast, green onions, ginger, and honey as main course ingredients. Sorry, but who couldn’t make that work? − but here we are in season 16 and things are a bit more difficult. What would you do with freeze dried roast beef, torshi, rainbow chard, and mint yogurt soda (see more previous lists of ingredient here)?

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