Meatless Monday: Hot and Sour Soup

2014-05-28 20.07.38

There are some recipes that we just naturally leave to the experts. You know, those dishes you order every time you go out for a certain type of cuisine, but you would never attempt to make at home? Hot and sour soup was one of those for me. I just always assumed it was full of exotic ingredients and made with time honored techniques, nothing I could even think about making in my own western kitchen. Boy, was I wrong!

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Asian Meatball Soup


I think we can safely say that, even in my short life as a blogger, I have established my love for Asian flavors. The strange thing is, I don’t like ginger in any other guise – not in candy, not in drinks, not in cakes or cookies – but put it with some meat and a few vegetables and I’m singing it’s praises.

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Steamed Pork Buns: A Tragic Tale

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen some of the build up to this particular recipe challenge. I was raring to go. All week long I had been looking forward to Sunday, when I would have the time to make my very own steamed pork buns. The recipe in my Olive magazine looked easy enough – time consuming, but each step seemed quite accessible.

Everything started off wonderfully, I skinned the the pork belly (and made some lovely pork scratchings which I then munched throughout the afternoon), sliced it up and made the marinade. Then I went to munch my scratchings and watch a bit of TV before attempting the dough.


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