Texas Joe’s BBQ at BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush

2014-02-09 12.44.08

The slogan of many a Texas barbecue joint (sub BBQ, Bar-B-Cue, barbeque − I’m not trying to upset any of the barbecue factions here) is this: “You don’t need teeth to eat our meat.” And right they are. Proper barbecue should be melt-in-the-mouth, tender, moist pieces or, more appropriately, hunks of meat served up in large portions with delicious and plentiful sides. And I expected no less from Texas Joe’s BBQ.

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Tesco Finest American Double IPA by BrewDog (9.2%)

20130120-102734.jpgWhenever we get the chance, we like to try beers we’ve never had before. So when I was wandering the real ale section of Tesco on Friday, searching for inspiration among the run-of-the-mill ale selection that blights most supermarkets, who was to know that out of all beers I chose the one that would make the biggest impression would be from the Tesco Finest range.

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