Parmesan Chicken with Caesar Roasted Romaine

2013-11-07 18.21.28

Cooking lettuce doesn’t exactly come naturally. Sometimes I see chefs on TV cooking little gem lettuce with peas in the French style − Petits Pois á la Française − and it all looks so lovely, but at the back of my mind I  just know that if I did it the lettuce would taste like old socks. Roasting makes a bit more sense because it’s more about caramelization rather than actually cooking the lettuce through. With that in mind, I thought I’d give this recipe a go.

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers


Lately, I’ve just been craving blue cheese. Maybe it’s a sign of my palate ‘maturing’, or maybe my body is craving some mold – obviously I haven’t inhaled enough during the damp English winter. But blue cheese has been on my mind and I’m always in the mood for a burger, so a blue cheese burger seemed the obvious solution. The addition of bacon needs no explanation, it just makes everything better.

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