Meatless Monday: Hot and Sour Soup

2014-05-28 20.07.38

There are some recipes that we just naturally leave to the experts. You know, those dishes you order every time you go out for a certain type of cuisine, but you would never attempt to make at home? Hot and sour soup was one of those for me. I just always assumed it was full of exotic ingredients and made with time honored techniques, nothing I could even think about making in my own western kitchen. Boy, was I wrong!

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Minute Steaks with Korean Barbecue Sauce, Asian Greens and Pearl Barley


Further to my pork stew soliloquy on meat from the reduced section of the supermarket, I had some minute steaks lurking in the freezer, marred by the yellow ‘reduced’ sticker which adorns many meats in the icy purgatory of the deep freeze, waiting for the day when they would finally meet their fate. Now, we don’t have minute steaks in the US – or rather, we probably do, but they are called something else – but I assumed from the name that they are for quick cooking which suited my purposes fine and for £1 I would’ve bought pretty much anything.

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Asian Meatball Soup


I think we can safely say that, even in my short life as a blogger, I have established my love for Asian flavors. The strange thing is, I don’t like ginger in any other guise – not in candy, not in drinks, not in cakes or cookies – but put it with some meat and a few vegetables and I’m singing it’s praises.

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Pho? Pho Sho.


I obviously love soup, so here’s yet another. I will apologize now that most of the posts for the next couple months will be more on the healthy side, not that that means they’re not exciting and tasty – would I blog about anything else? Come summer though, there will be plenty of artery clogging, fatty goodness to wrap your taste buds around, so hang in there.

In the mean times of January and February though, we stick to cheaper, lighter meals which are satisfying and that we don’t have to feel to guilty about – mostly because on the weekends we tend to eat our weight in ‘bad’ food having dieted all week (a good balance, I think). This is one such Friday night dinner which we will eat convincing ourselves that it is offsetting any damage that might be done at the ale festival we will be attending from 10:30am tomorrow morning.

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