Hide and Fox, Saltwood

After the closing of Saltwood on the Green in 2017, I will admit to worrying what the fate of the building would be; it had been so wonderfully renovated, the ornate wooden dresser beautifully restored. Over the three years it was open, the restaurant had been a beacon of brilliance; at once a place of discovery and of comfort — and all within 15 minutes from our house. I was devastated when it closed, but after a couple years gathering dust, new life has been breathed into Saltwood’s old general store. Enter Hide and Fox.

Allister Barsby and Alice Bussi have crafted a small, but mighty team of hospitality experts to bring relaxed modern fine dining to Kent’s south coast. This is the real deal: food, drinks, service, atmosphere, experience. Within a few minutes of coming in the door you will understand why there are so many Michelin stars, AA rosettes and industry awards behind these four talented people.

Read my full review for Olive magazine and scroll down for drool-inducing photos. Once you’ve wiped the drool off your keyboard, you can book your table here.

Bon appetit!

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