Spring Equinox Supper Club at Follies March 22, 2015


So the next supper club will be at Follies on March 22 and, with enough support, I’m hoping to make it a five course vegetarian feast to ring in the spring equinox.

I know the thought of a meal without meat is completely foreign for some people, but I think that any food lover should be excited by the menu. I’m not trying to exclude anyone from this supper club by labeling it vegan or vegetarian, I want to make the supper club available to everyone including the vegans and vegetarians.

To do this, I need people to buy tickets! I’m giving it until February 20th for people to express their interest and get their tickets purchased. If I don’t sell enough tickets, then I’ll have to opt for a meatier menu (and I’ll obviously refund any tickets that have sold where necessary).

So, whether you are a carnivore to the core or a lover of all things vegetables, get tickets to this supper club and show your love of food in all its forms!


Mezze with flatbreads

Fried leeks with pepper relish

Herb salad

Spiced white bean mash, marinated vegetables and grilled romaine with harissa and crispy pita

Lemon verbena panna cotta with rhubarb sorbet and poached rhubarb

You should find the information below answers questions you might have, but please feel free to email me at acrusteaten@gmail.com to discuss any questions or concerns. If you wish to be notified about future events, you can follow A Crust Eaten on facebook and twitter and you can follow the blog on the right-hand side of this page.


The tickets are £25.00 per person and can be purchased by cash or bank transfer. To arrange purchase with cash or by bank transfer, please contact me (Pami) on acrusteaten@gmail.com.  Once the tickets have been purchased you will receive an email confirmation from me which will include any further information you might need.

Seating and Groups

Seating will be banquet style. I will seat groups of people together as best I can, but it is likely that you will be sat next to someone you don’t know. How fun is that!


There will be a full bar available on the night. Tap water will be provided. You are not permitted to bring in any outside alcohol for this event.

Dietary Restrictions

Please let me know when booking whether you are vegetarian or vegan and also please alert me to any allergies/intolerances. Please get in touch on acrusteaten@gmail.com as soon as possible and I will do what I can to accommodate you. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event I will not be able to offer alternative dishes on the night.


Should you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible by emailing acrusteaten@gmail.com. Unfortunately due to the advanced ordering and preparation required for this event, no refunds will be given. With enough notice we may be able to fill your seat in which case a refund can be negotiated.

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