Googies Turns 5 and Beefs Up the Menu

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Tomorrow our little Googies turns five. Over the past five years we have seen it evolve from a little café, to a café and craft beer destination, to a café, craft beer destination, music venue, ultimate coffee house and restaurant in its own right. To celebrate its birthday, owners Keith and Steve are raising the bar even higher.

I am not a number, I am a free range fillet steak in training

Many of you will have heard of Sladden Farm in Dover and its famous Dexter beef. The beef that, up until recently, Charlie Lakin had supreme reign over at The Marquis at Alkham. But as The Marquis is now under new ownership and Charlie has moved on to bigger and better things in South Africa, the beef was up for grabs and Keith and Steve didn’t hesitate to take the bull by the horns. Dexter beef is grass fed, free range and, as Charlie Lakin told the world when he appeared on Great British Menu, the best beef in Britain. So how lucky are we that as of tomorrow we can just wander down to the Creative Quarter in Folkestone and pick up a burger or a steak from one of these rare breed cows?

Dexter Beef, Dry Aged

Googies is holding a special event tomorrow and there is a special steak menu available for Saturday evening (reservation only). It’s called the Dexter trio: rib eye, sirloin and fillet. The £25 entree will be served with root vegetable purée, burnt scallions, sautéed new potatoes and a red wine reduction and also includes a glass of rioja.


Googies is hoping that sourcing their beef from Sladden Farm will mean they will be able to legally serve up burgers done the proper way: pink. There is a lot of myth and moaning about underdone burgers being served in restaurants and Westminster cracked down on pink burgers in 2012 causing uproar among chefs and restaurateurs. However, Googies is hoping that the fact that the meat from their burgers will come from a single animal and will be minced in the restaurant will give them the ability to serve the burgers less than well done, but of course this won’t happen until they receive clearance to do so from the food safety authority.

There is a lot of hype about burgers these days, but a burger made from Dexter beef may just take the cake.

Bon appetit!

Looking for somewhere to eat out in Folkestone? Come try my supper club!

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