Manifest Coffee and Hot Salvation Records: Taking The Coffee Cola Song to heart

Nearly a year ago, the Old High Street in Folkestone welcomed a new addition to its restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. A small, unimposing coffee shop where people could go to get a cup o’ Joe with a difference. And ever since, that little shop has been cranking out delicious coffees and teas as well as experimenting with the brewing process and innovating new coffee based drinks the likes of which Folkestone has never seen before. Our recent heatwave has given Tom at Manifest Coffee yet another brilliant idea.

Iced latte sales have been soaring over the past few weeks as the temperature has sat at a balmy 24°C (75°F), but those in the know aren’t just pouring regular espresso over ice. They’re cold brewing. Cold brewing produces a stronger coffee, but it’s naturally sweeter and less bitter than hot brewed coffee that is poured over ice which makes it perfect for iced coffee drinks.

In collaboration with Hot Salvation Records, and inspired by Frank Bebey’s “The Coffee Cola Song”, Manifest Coffee has launched its own Coffee Cola. Flavored with citrus, ginger, vanilla, star anise and lavender, it’s floral, fruity and refreshingly balanced. The Ethiopian Chelelektu bean’s natural flavors are brought to life through cold brewing and then perfumed by the addition of the flavored simple syrup and topped up with soda water to add a gentle carbonation which is really pleasing. And at a mere £2, Manifest’s Coffee Cola is a heck of a lot cheaper than any high street iced coffee drink.

Less money, hand crafted and darn delicious. That works for me.

Bon appetit!

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