Follies: The Chicken’s Cooking and the Garden’s Open

After a few months of success as a café, Follies on Sandgate Road in Folkestone is spreading its wings and on Friday, August 1, they will launch their bistro. For a lucky few, there was a sneak peek on Sunday with a counter full of the beautiful, fresh salads and charcuterie that Follies owner Ami will focus on in the bistro.


The menu is very simple, but the focus on freshness and the changing and creative selection of salads are sure to make it a favorite that you come back to time and time again. Things like duck, watermelon and green bean salad, asparagus tart and tuna niçoise are carefully and expertly made and served up in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

The new garden space is open too and offers a very welcome place to enjoy a coffee or glass of wine (as long as you’ve brought the bottle yourself!) in the sunshine.

Follies opening hours will be extended to 9:30pm every night and Sunday roasts will be dished up too. In addition to all this excitement, Nathan Roberts (pictured above with Follies owner Ami) and his Folkestone pop up That Burger will take up residence Monday and Wednesday evenings and I, for one, can’t wait to sit in the bistro room watching the That Burger team kick out some quality American-style burgers*. I will also be holding a supper club in Follies starting on Tuesday, October 7th. Future dates are to be confirmed, but I can’t tell you how excited I am that Follies has chosen to play host to this new food venture of mine.

So if you haven’t been down to Follies yet, it’s the place to be to find out what fun and exciting things Folkestone can offer you, and you can enjoy some delicious grub while you’re at it.

Bon appetit!

*Since this post was published, That Burger have decided to go back to their pop up roots and travel around the county, country and beyond serving up great burgers. There may be news on other pop up venues around Folkestone, so head over to their facebook page to keep up with the latest.

2 thoughts on “Follies: The Chicken’s Cooking and the Garden’s Open

  1. Mom says:

    Looks like a cute little place and the food displays are inviting! I don’t know how anyone can pass up an American Burger! Can you share your burger recipe? Have a delicious burger for me!

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