Kos in Pictures

2014-04-25 13.51.28

We recently spent a week on the Greek island of Kos. This was the view from our balcony and it sums up the vibe of the island quite well. This was not a gastronomic tour, not even close. It was a bit of the unknown for me, as someone who had never been on a beach holiday, and even though the trip would have been a million times better hopping from one fabulous restaurant to the next, the rustic cuisine of the tavernas offered us a different, more relaxed dining experience which can sometimes be hard to find. Our one standout meal will come in a later post, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures.

2014-04-25 19.57.56

Mixed starter, or meze, usually including taramasalata, pickled herring, octopus in vinegar and tzatziki.

2014-04-28 13.27.35

2014-04-28 13.28.52

We found a fabulous wood-fired pizza place called Ciao. Not very Greek, but Mediterranean anyway! *Hint: The wine prices are triple that of any other restaurant in the town centre.

2014-04-27 11.01.02

The Kos Odeon (Odeum) dating back to the 2nd/3rd century AD.

2014-04-27 10.39.28

Wild cats rule Kos and roam all over. They sit next to your table while you’re eating and look at you imploringly, or if they’re really bolshy they put their paw up on the table and try and grab some of your kebab! *Hint: You’re not supposed to feed or pet them for obvious reasons, but gosh darnit do they tug at your heart strings! I might have dropped a morsel or two, by accident of course.

2014-04-30 14.45.49

A typical gyros (grill) house.

2014-04-30 14.54.27

Mixed gyros (pork and chicken); we couldn’t find lamb to save our lives! The meat was much better quality than what you would expect from a typical kebab shop in the UK and the salad was very fresh. It was a mighty big portion though…

2014-04-27 10.29.08

This is where the catch of the day is laid out for sale after the fishing boats come in. You better act quick though before it disappears!

2014-05-01 15.14.55

After a morning’s fishing, the fishermen sit by the quayside and mend their nets for the rest of the day.

2014-04-29 14.25.20

Alongside our hotel there was a small street with bars and restaurants which are literally just feet away from the ocean. We went against our instincts and went into a tapas restaurant called El Gallo, serving Californian mass produced wine and run by Dutch people. Everything says it shouldn’t work, but it was some of the best grub we had and you can’t beat the view.

2014-05-01 15.14.31

The trip was fabulous and the food was at least reasonably priced if a bit samey. We did have one or two excellent experiences, one of which I am going to dedicate an entire post to so keep your eyes peeled for that! The overall experience in Kos was really nice, very relaxing and the harbour and coastline were breathtaking. We never got tired of coming out of our room and seeing the beautiful blue ocean dotted with fishing boats. The whole vacation was a much slower pace than our normal lives and entirely focused on enjoying the simple things in life: sunshine, the ocean, good company and lazy days – which I suppose is what vacations are really about. If you’re looking for a vacation with all of these things in surplus, I would highly recommend Kos (at least out of season).

Bon appetit!





7 thoughts on “Kos in Pictures

  1. chef mimi says:

    Beautiful photos! I would have the same problem with the kitties, too. I’d want to take them all home with me. We dealt with some brazen cats in one town in Spain, too. Greece is on our bucket list, and you’ve convinced me we need to get there sooner than later!

    • acrusteaten says:

      It’s really affordable to go right now. I think our hotel was something like £10 a night for both of us! If you go somewhere that’s a tourist hot spot like Kos, going slightly out of season means there aren’t quite so many tourists (or groups of drunk people), but it also means that not everywhere has opened yet. Highly recommended though!

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