Pizza Union, EC1

2014-03-15 14.15.49

Quick bites have become a way of life for so many people, but the quality of fast food is not always top notch. Pizza Union is one place you can count on a quick meal made up of beautiful, fresh ingredients cooked simply.

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Located in a huge, industrial looking space with long, communal trestle tables and right next to the University of East Anglia, this place must be a haven for students and city workers alike. With prices starting as low as £3.95 for a 12-inch margherita and the pizzas needing to be cooked in the wood oven for a mere 3 minutes, Pizza Union’s offerings are quick, delicious and unbelievably affordable.

2014-03-15 13.45.08

We enjoyed the Calabria with mozzarella, mascarpone, spicy n’duja sausage and rocket and the Carne with mozzarella, beef, chicken, pepperoni and onions. Both were superb with thin crispy crusts and loaded with toppings. The Calabria was extra creamy and luxurious with pockets of mascarpone and the spreadable n’duja. My husband always feels the need to order the one item on the menu incorporating all the meats, so he was happy with the Carne.

2014-03-15 13.25.36

The beer selection was Italian which I thought was great − I love me a Peroni − but there was a selection of wines and Mediterranean style nibbles too.

2014-03-15 13.52.57

The dessert menu has only got one choice, but pizza dough filled with nutella and mascarpone is pretty much as good as it gets, right? It was rich, that’s for sure, and a bit filling after you’ve golloped* an entire 12-inch pizza, but delicious nonetheless. This isn’t where you would go to have a three hour marathon of a meal − and it’s true that we usually favor the lazy, Sunday driver style of eating − but when you just want to pop in somewhere with a reasonable atmosphere and good food for a good price, this is the type of place you want to come across.

Bon appetit!

*Anyone unsure about the definition of the word gollop, please tweet queries to @rhysdgriffiths.

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