Nordic Bakery, Marylebone

2014-02-09 17.02.02

There are some things in life which are just better kept simple. Nordic Bakery has taken café culture and stripped it back so that the only things left are those which enable you to truly enjoy the simple pleasure of having a cup of coffee.

2014-02-09 17.00.22

There are no frills here − besides the ultra indulgent cinnamon buns. Just good coffee and simple surroundings. Besides their incredible cinnamon buns − I mean, there wasn’t a single person in the place not eating one − they also offer other pastries and cakes and open face sandwiches on rye bread, like boiled egg and herring or gravadlax. There is even a Nordic Bakery Cookbook so you can enjoy some Scandinvian classics in your own home, including a recipe for the popular rye bread.

2014-02-09 17.00.27

So if you find yourself in Marylebone or Soho, stop by for a humongous latte and a cinnamon bun. Just sit down, sip your coffee and relish the lack of distractions.

Bon appetit!

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