Copper and Spices, Folkestone: Tasting Menu

2013-12-20 15.27.18

Many of you will have already read my rave review of Copper and Spices in Folkestone. Well, because of my raving the directors of my company decided to have the office Christmas lunch there – result! The Copper and Spices team went to great lengths with Santa hats, festive glasses and poppers on the table, complimentary mulled wine – which, by the way, was the best I’ve ever had – and a ten-course tasting menu that defied belief. Enjoy ogling the photos and then get down there as fast as you can!

2013-12-20 15.36.07

Amuse buche selection of chicken tikka pieces, meatballs and king prawns.

2013-12-20 15.52.32

Christmas dinner in a couple mouthfuls.

2013-12-20 16.08.49

Queen scallops with coriander and chili marinade, limed peas, sautéed cucumber and courgettes.

2013-12-20 16.22.09

English lamb in jaggery and papaya marinade with pimento salad.

2013-12-20 16.35.25

Sundried tomato, roasted beet and garlic soup with a hint of chili.

2013-12-20 16.48.34

English venison with spinach and pickled jalapeño.

2013-12-20 17.04.51

Wild bass with spinach, lentils and garden fresh vegetables with cumin and garlic.

2013-12-20 17.28.01

Chicken makhani with rice, chicken drumstick in mustard and curry leaf broth and chicken barrels with lemongrass, lime leaf and galangal.

2013-12-20 17.46.40

Boneless wild rabbit with jalfrezi carrots and red wine jus.

2013-12-20 18.03.53

Cardamom rice pudding with strawberries, slow cooked carrot cake and coconut gelato and two other lovely things I can’t remember but were out of this world.

Bon appetit!

Looking for somewhere to eat out in Folkestone? Come try my supper club!

7 thoughts on “Copper and Spices, Folkestone: Tasting Menu

  1. fromthefamilytable says:

    So British!. Christmas crackers have been a family tradition for 30+ years and now they’re getting passed on to another generation. Thank goodness the crackers are much easier to find in the USA these days. Looks like you had a festive occasion.

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