A Homemade Christmas : Lemon Curd


No matter what season it is, we find some way, some how to make citrus a vital part of that season’s identity. In the summer it’s grapefruit in salads, lemonade, oranges and limes plonked in cocktails and innumerable sorbets and granitas. In the winter it’s dried oranges on the tree, mulled wine flavored with fresh citrus and, my personal favorite, curd.

There is something so simple, but so special about curd. Buttery, rich and smooth and flavored with the freshness and brightness of orange, lemon or lime − what could be better on a piece of hot, buttered toast or spread across a moist cake? It’s much easier to make than you might think too!

2013-12-08 09.57.09

Juice, sugar, eggs and butter, heated over medium heat for 10 minutes or so until it thickens and Bob’s your uncle: curd.

Put into little jars with a decorative ribbon, it makes the perfect gift to show your friends and family that special kind of love that only homemade gifts can show.

Bon appetit!


Recipe adapted from Gourmet

Makes 8 small jars
Zest of 2-4 large Lemons

1 cup (250ml) Lemon Juice, sieved (approximately 6-8 lemons)

3/4-1 cup sugar, to taste (I like mine quite tart)

6 eggs

2 sticks/1 cup (250g) Butter, softened


1. Add all ingredients to a saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring or whisking constantly until thickened, about 10 minutes.

2. Pour into sterilized jars and let stand until cooled. You probably need to consume them within a month or so, as it has eggs and butter it won’t last as long as other preserves.

5 thoughts on “A Homemade Christmas : Lemon Curd

  1. Pacific Merchants says:

    So Christmassy! I do this with grapefruit as well as lemon and it is divine! All FDA rules will tell you to keep anything with dairy in the fridge, but if you’re comfortable with room temp, by all means. Not like it’ll last a month anyway. SO good.

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