Meatless Monday Halloween Special: Pumpkin and Cuttlefish Ink Pasta


In this, the season of pumpkins, it would be a shame not to post at least one pumpkin recipe. But why we only seem to be able to appreciate the gastronomic clout of these orange beauties for one month a year is beyond me.

Butternut squash get all the glory, leaving pumpkins to die a moldy death, forgotten on the doorstep with their guts scooped out and a horrible expression primitively carved into their gnarled faces.

There are few times in the year when you can get away with putting ingredients together because of the color combination, but for Halloween anything goes. It just so happens that pumpkin and black pasta (be it squid or cuttlefish ink) go amazingly well together. Who knew? Well, actually Gourmet knew, but that’s not the point.

The next day the pumpkin was pretty much puréed, but that was excellent because it meant it coated the leftover pasta in a sweet, creamy sauce and with some crispy chorizo tossed in – not very Meatless Monday, I know, but it was Tuesday by then – it was almost better than night one.

Go get yourself a gourd and get cooking. It’ll be festive, but most importantly it’ll be completely delicious.

Happy Halloween!


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