Foodie Pen Pals: Goodies from London


My first foodie pen pal parcel arrived, a little late but that only meant I was even more excited to see what would be inside! Turns out that Helen, from Look What We Ate Today, is either a little bit psychic or maybe it’s a case of great (read: food-obsessed) minds really do think alike.

Foodie pen pals is an awesome program where you’re matched up with people from all over the UK and Europe and you get a parcel full of goodies each month from someone new and wonderful!

The US has a program as well which you can read about and join on The Lean Green Bean.

Number 1: Lindt dark chocolates. Yes. Milk chocolate, in my opinion, is for wimps and white chocolate has no right to call itself chocolate at all. Dark, sinfully rich and full of flavor (not milk!) is where it’s at. They were gone before I even finished opening the package.

Number 2: A vanilla bean. Who doesn’t need another vanilla bean in their life? If not only to open it up every once in a while and inhale its exotic aroma. I will save it for something very special where each little fleck of black gold can be appreciated to the max.

Number 3: Chestnut purée. Inspired by, and purchased on, Helen’s recent trip to France and something I’ve never used before. I’m sure Raymond Blanc will have something fabulous I can do with it for the upcoming holiday season – yes, I can say that. It’s only just over two months until Thanksgiving.

Number 4: Rosy Lea Tea from London. While I don’t drink tea – I’m American and I like my drinks from beans, not leaves – my husband loves the stuff and will gladly enjoy Helen’s hand-picked blend that is said to ‘warm the cockles of yer heart’!

Number 5: Graze

Number 6: Now this, along with the dark chocolate, is where the psychic abilities come into play. Over the last month or so, I have been hunting high and low for bacon jam. It has haunted my dreams and taunted me in my culinary exploits, especially for my Googies burger competition entry – which won by the way! I had to open it right away. I just took a spoon to it and it’s lucky I didn’t eat the whole jar. It is that good. Savory and chunky and perfectly delectable. It might just be the West’s answer to the East’s umami.

Overall, very successful and that bacon jam has definitely changed my life. Thanks, Helen!

Bon appetit!

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