The Real Food Market, South Bank, London

2013-08-25 11.59.35 (1)

Last weekend, well more accurately last Sunday, we trekked from Greenwich to London Bridge hoping to be dazzled and delighted by the foodie wonders Borough Market has to offer. We arrived, stomachs rumbling and hopes riding high, only to find it deserted. Closed up. Empty. Dead.

A quick Twitter peruse, however, and we turned our frowns upside down and headed off to Southbank. The Real Food Market runs every weekend and has a pretty good selection of stalls, my only qualm was that all the stalls were serving up meals rather than snacks, so we couldn’t try as many of the stalls as we wanted to.

Here’s some of what was there:
2013-08-25 12.34.59
2013-08-25 12.16.43
2013-08-25 12.06.51
2013-08-25 12.07.56
2013-08-25 12.02.51
2013-08-25 12.03.19
2013-08-25 12.04.00
2013-08-25 12.05.31
2013-08-25 12.01.04
2013-08-25 12.18.47
2013-08-25 12.00.12
2013-08-25 12.00.08

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