Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers


Lately, I’ve just been craving blue cheese. Maybe it’s a sign of my palate ‘maturing’, or maybe my body is craving some mold – obviously I haven’t inhaled enough during the damp English winter. But blue cheese has been on my mind and I’m always in the mood for a burger, so a blue cheese burger seemed the obvious solution. The addition of bacon needs no explanation, it just makes everything better.

In one of last summer’s Olive magazines was a burger recipe which has now become my standard burger mix. It is beautiful in its simplicity and it consistently yields delicious results. These burgers taste beefy, which I think you’ll agree is important, they have just the right amount of additions to enhance the flavor of the meat without overpowering it, they are juicy and, equally important, the mix takes about five minutes to make. It has some obvious ingredients – Worcestershire sauce, grated shallot (much better than onion, can I just say) – but also some that don’t necessarily spring to mind like Dijon mustard. The recipe also has a great burger sauce recipe which I didn’t use for these burgers, but come summer I’ll slap it on every available edible surface. It is ketchup, Dijon, mayonnaise, gherkins and shallot! ike a slightly nicer version of Thousand Island dressing, heaven.


While I didn’t think that burger sauce would work with the blue cheese, I also didn’t think mayonnaise would do justice to this burger, so I decided to make tomato jam – blue cheese, cheeseboard, chutney, tomato jam. Obvious train of thought. I followed a Bon Appetit recipe, but it just turned out like tomato sauce rather than jam – in fact I made spaghetti with it the next day, so let’s not kid ourselves, it was tomato sauce. It didn’t quite have the consistency I was after, although it tasted good on the burger. I think some sort of really intense, savory chutney would be great on this to cut through the blue cheese hum.


The blue cheese I used was Cambozola, which I hadn’t heard of before, but seemed to be a mixture of Camembert and Gorgonzola, which sounds like a match made in heaven. My husband, who is not quite as big a blue cheese fan, thought it was ‘strong’ on the blue front, but it was very mild and creamy and melted really well just being on top of the hot burger.

The bacon didn’t make the whole thing too salty, helped by the acidity of the tomato ‘jam’ and the fact that the blue wasn’t particularly strong I think. It was a tasty burger and it kicked my blue cheese craving, for the moment at least.

Bon appetit!

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